Our goal is to help you create a truly unique and memorable experience for your attendees. We offer a wide range of services around a variety of build types. Below are just some the services we can provide.


Our experienced team will work with you to determine the size, type, scale, theme, and nature of the event.


We will take your suggestions and design the actual builds and the layout of the booth to fit your specific space.

Prototyping & Instruction

We will design and construct prototypes of the build and create instructions for the guests to use at the event.

Master Classes

We can offer smaller, more individualized instruction on a variety of topics such as advanced construction techniques, sculpting, figure customization, and more.

Professional Diorama Displays

We can create larger, more detailed professional dioramas—in advance, or at the show—to act as showpieces for the event.

Supply Research & Acquisition

We will create a shopping list of necessary supplies that can be gathered by your team or ours, and can work with vendors to find sponsorships.


We will arrive at the venue and set up the event, organize the supplies, and train staff and volunteers.

On-Site Guidance

We will be at the build for the duration of the event, from set-up to tear down, to make sure it runs smoothly.

Facilitation & Execution

We will oversee everything from the guidance and construction, to the final execution and tear down of the build.

Let’s Build Something Together.

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