DIYorama is a team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experiences. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We have over 20 years of professional experience planning fan experiences for conventions, festivals, and events of all themes and sizes.

Jamie Follis


Jamie Follis, a history/film teacher and public speaker, has been planning and participating events at conventions since 2002.

Also known as Sillof, he is primarily known for his work in figureal sculptures, but has has equal experience in model making, diorama construction, and prop creation. His various Star Wars re-imaginings were influential and among the first of their kind. Jamie is also a filmmaker and production designer, with over 20 films to his credit. His background in art and production design has helped create many of the themes, ideas, and pieces for the dioramas over the years. He has also used his skills in teaching to offer master classes at many of the conventions.

Jamie has won awards for his art and his teaching achievements. His work has been featured on, Entertainment Weekly, MTV, The CW’s Supernatural, at Rancho Obi Wan, and more. He has amassed many fans and an impressive list of celebrity clients—including Patton Oswalt, Seth Meyers, Sam Witwer, and more. His work can be seen at

Alissa D. Luepke Pier, AIA


Alissa D. Luepke Pier, a Minneapolis-based architect, planner, and speaker, has been active in planning and participating in diorama-based events at conventions since 2007. 

Her involvement in the diorama builds was a natural way for her to reconnect with her design studio roots—having spent innumerable hours of her collegiate career building scale models of buildings and spaces. Her organizational skill set, design expertise, and planning background made her a valuable addition to the Diorama Workshop Core Crew.

Alissa has received numerous honors and recognitions, both locally and nationally, including AIA Young Architect Awards (both at state and national levels), 40 Under 40, the “Alumni of Notable Achievement” distinction by the University of Minnesota, and more. She is committed to community service, especially related to under-served communities, and serves on the board of Twin Cities R.O.C.K., a nonprofit that specializes in helping families who have children with Celiac Disease. She is the Principal Architect at A.D.L. Pier Design, Inc., founded in 2004, and has worked on a spectrum of projects—ranging from residential additions and new construction to small commercial, master planning for K-8 schools, and offering facilitation services and planning for community engagement strategies.

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