Star Wars Celebration – Anaheim II – 2022

After being asked by Star Wars Celebration promoters ReedPop to participate and plan the cancelled 2020 Star Wars Celebration Diorama plans shifted to the 2022 event. We were thrilled to announce our sponsorship by Atomic Mass Games a subsidiary of Asmodee Games who also own Fantasy Flight Games a previous sponsor of the Diorama Builders.

We pitched and were approved by Lucasfilm to announce our theme around that of the very popular Disney+ show The Mandalorian. Rather than build a single location and scene as was the practice of previous diorama builds, we opted to cover every episode of both seasons 1 & 2 of the show.

We assembled an amazing team of crew that oversaw the over 8,000 square feet build area.

Everything you see below was made by fans of all ages during the 4 days of event from May 26-29 in the Anaheim convention center. Some key “hero” scenes were made in advance for accuracy and detail. The final build was over 1,500 square feet of just display area.

This included: over 30 miniature diorama scenes, over 16 episodes of the show, on 12 planets with over 4,000 Atomic Mass Star Wars Legion miniatures.

Most every part of the build used upcyled and discarded items like bottle caps, boxes we salvaged at the show, packing inserts and more.

We were proud to launch our Builder’s Brigade at the show which is part fan club part patron program featuring the amazing art of Dave Perillo.

We offered “Master Classes” on topics that ranged from figure painting, to vehicle modification, and creation of Street cargo and machines like vaporators.

We also featured a dedicated area for Experienced Builders to really dive in and tackle prolonged builds like the Imperial Bases and interior of Moff Gideon’s Light Cruiser.

Jamie and Alissa also were asked to host a panel on the University Stage entitled
“Seeing the world through a Star Wars lens”. The panel focused on shifting your mindset to see the potential of everyday items as more than their original purpose and to tap into that lost childlike sense of possibility and imagination that we all had and how this process was actually much like how the masters at Industrial Light and Magic created many of the original models and props for the films.

The generous folks at Round 2 Models offered us 10 unreleased models of the Razor Crest coming out from AMT/MPC models.

The amazing talented Dark Fire Designs offred to create and print the STL file of the Krayt Dragon which was painted by Jamie “Sillof” Follis.

The absolute showstopper was a surprise unveil of the Moff Gideon Light Cruiser designed and constructed by Alissa. The amazing piece was over 8 feet long, was lit with LEDs and featured cutaway sections to show key scenes from the climatic finale episode.

Throughout the show we had over XXXXX people participate and in the construction of the build and the line on the last day of the show was well over 300 feet long for 5 hours just to walk through the display of the builds of our participants.

We were thrilled to find out that two of our Hero pieces, the Krayt Dragon and Moff Gideon Light Cruiser, were accepted to to be displayed at Steve Sansweet’s Rancho Obi Wan, the largest private collection of Star Wars Memorabilia. Please consider sponsoring and donating to the Ranch as it is how the museum is maintained.



Segment on DIYorama starts at 2:01:54

Segment on DIYorama is at 19:10 minutes in

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